People are Buzzing About It

If you have never been into poetry this book will win you over. There were so many points where I was emotionally captured by the intensity of the writings. It is reminiscent of days gone by and it captures the contemporary times we live in as well. I have purchased it for family and friends and will continue to tell others about the life with in its pages.

- Counselor, Coach and Author,

Doug Tawlks, The Life Bridge Ministries

Heartwarming and very well written.

- Evangelist, Author and Pastor

Mario Murillo, Mario Murillo Ministries

This book hits all of your emotions while being inspirational and heart warming at the same time. The poems focus on various stages of life and this makes it relatable to all.

- Boston, MA

Loved this book - very moving and emotional. To be expressive like this through poetry - well, it’s a gift.

- New York, NY

This is a wonderful collection of poems. The author brilliantly illustrates life's important lessons. The stories are interwoven with her Italian heritage as a back drop coupled with each poem citing scripture from the Bible. It stirs emotion and deep reflection. It certainly compels you to be thankful for the each day. With each story, the author brings the message of love, hope and faith.

- San Ramon, CA

Beautifully written. It’s very true and heartfelt...I love the lil’ bits of grace that remind me to keep my faith...

- Danville, CA



It’s the Easy-on-the-Pocket Book

Great for Birthdays, Get Well Greetings, Graduation, Hostess, Holidays Year Round and Thank You Gifts. Perfect for Traveling, Reflection, Prayer and Meditation.